The White Paper

It is time to think differently. The urgency of addressing climate change and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals demands it. The forum will act as a platform for the launch of our response to this challenge, a white paper titled “frontiers in sustainable infrastructure investment” .

The White Paper outlines the urgency of our infrastructure needs and analyses some critical bottle-necks which we believe are limiting access to capital for infrastructure projects. It follows by offering a number pathways that we believe can open up a flow of sustainable capital into infrastructure to deliver economic growth and resilient communities, addressing climate change and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.


Our solutions are summarized as:

1. Align interests by creating infrastructure businesses owned by government and investors

2. Create partnerships between stakeholders, governments and investors to invest in small scale community infrastructure

3. Build culture for infrastructure businesses through Integrated Reporting

4. Promote a vision for Universal Infrastructure Coverage


During and after the forum participants will have the opportunity to contribute both written and verbal comments which will then be incorporated into the final version that will be offered as an input to the UN Secretary General’s 2019 Climate Summit taking place on 23 September 2019.


Many thanks to the contributors:
Paul Clements-Hunt, Stuart Kay, Dr. Ingo Kumic, Valborg Lie, Gordon Noble, Michael Marais, Bill Petreski, Charlie Garner and Marco Tenconi.